Hi, my name is Leigh, I live in Essex in the UK and welcome to my charity crafting, recycling and crafting on a budget blog. Please look near to the bottom of the page for my testimonials and on my sidebar for current money raised, receipts for many of the donations I send and some of the activities I am involved in, you may also have seen me in some craft magazines which I have been featured in. I have a current Enhanced DBS (CRB) and make cards and donate them completely free of charge (including postage and packing) to charities for fundraising, I make up boxes of crafting materials for care and residential homes, young carers, Chernobyl victims, orphanages, housebound people and many, many other worthy charities, people, groups and initiatives. I hold classes, completely free of charge for isolated people, aiming to help people to enjoy crafting, sometimes whilst living with difficult situations. A way to express themselves in a colourful, creative and positive way, recognising and celebrating the positive in their life, which can (especially for young carers) be crucial. I am completely self-funding, and dont charge any charity or vulnerable or isolated person for my services, or products used. One of my volunteering roles is with a local hospice where I am part of the arts and craft group and go out to people who cant or would prefer not to come in to the hospice.

My role has evolved over time into being a mentor and enabler (which I have been trained in), offering support, encouragement, donations, lessons and materials for others to use to heal and make a difference through crafting, (especially valuable to those with depression) and I try to make it accessible to people that may not otherwise have the opportunity, to craft. I particularly enjoy helping fledgling, small and grass roots charities, groups and communities, helping them to learn how to turn everyday events and items into fundraising opportunities, including ideas, support and encouragement on how to get their name out their with ideas on how to raise money and their profile, through Sourcing goods for their charity and fundraising from budget, donated, re-cycled or free items.

Anyway enough about me (dont I go on!), if you have any surplus/unwanted craft material, (including sewing, knitting, etc,) knocking about that you could spare and would consider donating them to my charity crafting please get in touch x Every little bit helps (and I suspect eases our conscience when we buy too much! he! he! x ), I can do so many different things with the donated craft items I receive and have storage facilities to house some items until the right opportunity comes along. Please feel free to donate on any of my "Just giving buttons" all money goes directly to the charities, or taking my motif (avatar) and popping it on your website with a link to mine would be most welcome x Join this blog, tell your crafting friends about my site and say hi on facebook and pinterest (charitycrafter). If you want to get involved, help and make a difference there are so many ways listed on my main blog page, whether it be saving plastic bottle tops, postage stamps, donating craft items, buying a beautiful personalised bag from a hedgehog rescue, sending cards to sick children, giving blood or buying a charity pin, or donating to me on my donate button below, you can do wonders through me or direct (and I suspect most of you already are!), however just reading this is good enough for me and means a lot, so feel free to just browse and enjoy, any questions please do not hesitate to email me x

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Beading at 'Little Beaders' x

I have been playing with beads for a little while, but not making anything too ambitious, but am starting to build a little confidence, well today I went to a class at Little Beaders (Novacraft) in Rayleigh and made this Christmas hanger, it was such fun and I am booked in for the Christmas tree class soon! If you would like fun, affordable classes that you learn at too; please stop by;

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Plain old dog food tins x

These are plain old dog food tins, washed, painted and decorated. The Halloween ones I put tea-light candles on and put them on the window-sill x I will be trying to make holes in them and seeing how that looks. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

An old tube made into a gift box x

Pretty bags made at craft social

At our lovely craft social we made these bags, which 
was great fun!

Presents for people x

I really enjoyed making these chocolate bars look pretty as a little thank you to people that have 
been very kind x

2015 Autumn wreath

I felt I needed a little de-stress time recently so I made an Autumnal wreath! And I felt better afterwards! 

Monday, 6 April 2015



I made this tablecloth out of odd bits of fabric I could get together and put my own signature on it, with free-motion sewing and lined it and then I donated it to an auction on behalf of Cyprus strays and packaged it up like this for the new owner who bid £47! 

Sewing machine tidy

Napkin art decoupage

This little twinings tea caddy, was decorated with napkin art x

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sewing inspired wreath

New parasol cover

Decoupage/napkin art tub

I cut up some napkins and glued them on this tub, to keep all the dried lavender from my garden x



I was bought this lovely tea cup, but as I am clumsy and often break things, I decided not to use it for tea, but make it into a pin cushion x

DECORATED BOTTLES! Re-cycle dont throw away x

These bottles were just painted and when dry, add roughly another colour, then when dry again, the coloured string wrapped round and then some metallic rub on put on.

Gay Paris picture

Hi all, this is a picture I made for a friend that is learning to speak French, I just have to frame it no. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Hi all, recently I went to Five Lakes craft show, in Essex, and I did 3 x workshops, 2 x Sally Holman (the landscape scene and the crazy patchwork) and 1 workshop by Norah Stocker at Fantasia textiles studio in Coggeshall, Essex. I had the most marvellous time and made these 3 beauties.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Two picture frames glued together to house a saying that I feel is very apt x

It says:
I can choose
To let it
define me
confine me
refine me
and outshine me
or I can choose
to move on
and leave it
behind me


Christmas may be a distant memory now, but I cannot foret this lovely picture that my hubby made me as one of my pressies x The red sparkly background is a worktop sample.


I wanted to make a birthday present for my friend, that was special, and of course homemade, so I decorated a coat hanger with napkin art, as well as a candle and bottle, I made the flowers to go in the bottle a picture and wrapped a soap, alongside some other bits and a home made card, I feel I achieve it being special x

Mans card x

I made this card for my Father in Law, who's birthday it was and I wanted something with birds on it, because we had got him bird feeders as a pressie x

Making a celebration piece from a cork!

This is a cork I decorated with sequins and pins, for a friends Christmas tree, from a cork that came from a drink we shared on Christmas Eve. This could be a Christening, engagement, special birthday etc.,

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


This frame was made for me by a lovely young lady, who I have been helping with Craft donations and mini-workshops as she is setting up a new craft class for Marie Curie. So I had to do something special with it, and I made a picture for my sewing room x


We wouldnt be free without them!