Hi, my name is Leigh, I live in Essex in the UK and welcome to my charity crafting, recycling and crafting on a budget blog. Please look near to the bottom of the page for my testimonials and on my sidebar for current money raised, receipts for many of the donations I send and some of the activities I am involved in. I have a current Enhanced DBS (CRB) and make cards and donate them completely free of charge (including postage and packing) to charities for fundraising, I make up boxes of crafting materials for care and residential homes, young carers, Chernobyl victims, orphanages, housebound people and many, many other worthy charities, people, groups and initiatives. I hold classes, completely free of charge for isolated people, aiming to help people to enjoy crafting, sometimes whilst living with difficult situations. A way to express themselves in a colourful, creative and positive way, recognising and celebrating the positive in their life, which can (especially for young carers) be crucial. I am completely self-funding, and dont charge any charity or vulnerable or isolated person for my services, as of February 2013 I have added a donate button, as after 10 years of self-funding but becoming known and so welcome in the community I found that I was limited in what I could do through finances and for the first time ever I sadly and reluctantly had to refuse some requests for help.

My role has evolved over time into being a mentor and enabler (which I have been trained in), offering support, encouragement, donations, lessons and materials for others to use to heal and make a difference through crafting, (especially valuable to those with depression) and I try to make it accessible to people that may not otherwise have the opportunity, to craft. I particularly enjoy helping fledgling, small and grass roots charities, groups and communities, helping them to learn how to turn everyday events and items into fundraising opportunities, including ideas, support and encouragement on how to get their name out their with ideas on how to raise money and their profile, through Sourcing goods for their charity and fundraising from budget, donated, re-cycled or free items.

Anyway enough about me (dont I go on!), if you have any surplus/unwanted craft material, (including sewing, knitting, etc,) knocking about that you could spare and would consider donating them to my charity crafting please get in touch x Every little bit helps (and I suspect eases our conscience when we buy too much! he! he! x ), I can do so many different things with the donated craft items I receive and have storage facilities to house some items until the right opportunity comes along. Please feel free to donate on any of my "Just giving buttons" all money goes directly to the charities, or taking my motif (avatar) and popping it on your website with a link to mine would be most welcome x Join this blog, tell your crafting friends about my site and say hi on facebook and pinterest (charitycrafter). If you want to get involved, help and make a difference there are so many ways listed on my main blog page, whether it be saving plastic bottle tops, postage stamps, donating craft items, buying a beautiful personalised bag from a hedgehog rescue, sending cards to sick children, giving blood or buying a charity pin, or donating to me on my donate button below, you can do wonders through me or direct (and I suspect most of you already are!), however just reading this is good enough for me and means a lot, so feel free to just browse and enjoy, any questions please do not hesitate to email me x

Please see at the very bottom of this blog for my very own constructed 22 different categories of ideas for budget, re-cycling and charity crafting.


In the near future, If I can raise the funds, I am hoping to be able to afford to hold free 'FUNDRAISING MASTERCLASSES' , where I hope to hold days, teaching small, fledgling and grass roots charities, lots of tips, techniques and tutorials on fundraising, showing them how to access the best resources and information and being a mentor to help them continue and improve the differences they are already making!



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Saturday, 22 February 2014


Hi all, the white radiator cover below, is the one I wanted for my hall, but could not afford, so hubby painted the one we have, took out the panels and put in 2 x cast iron door mats and it is in the second picture, what do you think? x It cost less than a quarter of the price and matches the door mat too!!!!


Old plates!

 These are plates I bought off the boot sale and hubby made them into plate racks with a kit off Ebay


Monday, 17 February 2014

EXCITING NEWS!!.......... For all you Charity crafters! Crafty buyers or crafty sellers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone,
All you charity crafters, buyers and sellers out there, there is an exciting new site on the internet for all of you. Whether you like to buy original and handmade items, or want to be able to afford selling them with low outgoing costs, or you are crafting for charity and wish to advertise for free, CRAFTY MAGPIE is the site for you, here is some information from Crafty Magpie themselves.....
Crafty Magpie was created in June 2011 by Sarah O’Connell as a way of selling her handmade jewellery which she enjoyed making for friends & as a hobby.
While researching new crafts to pursue, Sarah became aware of the vast number of crafters & designers seeking a wider market for their creations thus, Crafty Magpie was born!
Sarah decided to set up a market place where crafters could show their wares to a wider audience.
With a tiny budget but huge enthusiasm, Sarah created a basic market place allowing her to create mini shops for fellow crafters.
As Crafty Magpie grew & became better known, Sarah needed to expand the market place and to offer more to her fellow crafters and their growing customer base. So, in 2013, Sarah persuaded her Mother, Orla – a business professional (cross-stitcher, knitter & cook!) – to join the business.
In October 2013, the market place was upgraded to allow crafters to create & manage their own shops, and have greater interaction with their customers.

Mission Statement:

Crafty Magpie; Supporting British crafters and designers ALL the way!
Why is Crafty Magpie different from other marketplaces?
1. Sellers can ad as many products as they like to their shop
2. We have a local crafter's directory with the sellers on the site, so customers can choose to support crafters within their own community
3. We are not just a site selling handmade gifts and cards - we get involved with other businesses such as UK Handmade, Professional Crafter's Guild, plus we have our own crafty corner.
4. We also support businesses who craft for charity with our FREE directory
Useful Links:

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentines wreath

I am really into making wreaths for my door all year round and this is my latest one a Valentines wreath x

What I have been up to

Hubbys Bannoffee he made me after much mess when the balloons that you dip the chocolate in to make the bowl kept bursting!

My grandaughters snuggle blanket - The first proper patchwork I have done x



Sunday, 19 January 2014


 Hi all, I thought I would show you some of the work with patients at Farleigh Hospice, with your donations . These are only a snapshot of the sorts of things they do, but wanted you to see some of the lovely work achieved. Farleigh have a lovely array of craft items to use, and people donate to them regularly, however, as we go on a bit of  a mission, to achieve whatever the patient wants to, it helps keeping costs to a minimum if I can take in craft items to complement their stash instead of buying them and you help them do this with your donations.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Hi all, I just want to say thank you to everyone who comes on my blog and passes through, I have really loved doing this blog and it has given me an outlet for lots of ideas and inspiration. My Christmas message to you all is 'LEAVE A LITTLE SPARKLE WHEREVER YOU GO'  that can be glitter and pretty things, but really I mean a little bit of yourself, a smile, a hug, a joke, laughter, warmth, friendliness, wit and wisdom. Remember Mayo Angelou saying;

Maya Angelou

Merry Christmas!!!! And a happy healthy 2014!

Monday, 16 December 2013


Hi all, I have only just started going to my stampin up class so don't have anything to show you that I made the lovely ladies for Christmas as I am just trying to remember their names, however, the first picture is what we made at our Christmas class, which will be a present and is a box with 6 different birthday cards x but the other pictures are the lovely cards and pressies from the ladies! x Isnt the sleigh cute? I felt so spoilt as we had mulled wine, mince pies, chocolate log and a lovely time crafting so thank you to Pippa and the other lovely ladies x

Christmas wreath

Christmas for crafters!!!!!!

Hi all,
I like to do bespoke things where I can, and the first and second pictures is cards for my sewing friends! The third picture is an example of my cards for my hedgehog rescue ladies and the fourth picture is for my fellow craft volunteers at Farleigh hospice!!! x

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Picture for reference x

Just putting this picture on  for other members of our lovely patchwork class to look at for reference, Normal crafting shall resume x  (thanks Sally - whose lovely hanger it is!) x

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Beach house themed conservatory

You may remember we had to decorate the conservatory recently as the roof had been damaged and had to be replaced, well we only painted it white again, but decided on a beach theme with lots of homemade, or budget items from charity shops and bootsales collected for some time, this is the finished picture of the main wall and the bowl above is so pretty up close, and was bought in TKMaxx for £10 x Hope you like it all.

Pretty card making

This card was made from a blend of inspiration and a stamped image taken from the Cute cottage craft workshop mentioned in the post below this x Such a change from Christmas don't you think? x


We wouldnt be free without them!


I sent Luke a card could you?